Yankees appeal release of ‘Yankees Letter’ from 2017 detailing MLB’s sign-stealing investigation – The Athletic

The first time the Yankees appealed the release of the Yankees Letter, Major League Baseball’s central office was by the Yankees’ side, jointly filing the appeal. On Friday, the Yankees made their second appeal alone, and took a shot at MLB in the process.

“The Yankees believe that MLB mistakenly produced the Yankees Letter” in court, the Yankees argued in their latest appeal to the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

A person familiar with the litigation said that in MLB’s view, the league produced the letter because it had an obligation to do so under discovery.

But a Yankees official said Friday night that MLB told the Yankees that MLB wasn’t going to turn over the letter, and that MLB conceded to the team it was a mistake to have done so. The Yankees official also suggested that MLB and the Yankees being at odds on this point ultimately supports one of the Yankees’ arguments.

“The court held that the Yankees were not a non-party to this litigation because they’re one of the clubs, part of MLB,” the Yankees official said. “However, the investigation was adversarial, and there was always a dispute regarding this letter, as the Yankees were told by MLB that the letter was turned over by them to the plaintiffs by mistake.”

In their petition for what’s known as an “en banc” rehearing, the Yankees also suggested they were being singled out because of their prominence.

“One must wonder if both the district court and this Court’s decisions would be different if the subject was a less famous party than the New York Yankees,” read the petition, which was signed by Yankees president Randy Levine.


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