UK adds nine more COVID symptoms to official list as its struggles with record case load

The official list of symptoms of COVID-19 has been expanded in the UK, where cases are currently running at the highest level since the start of the pandemic. The National Health Service added nine new symptoms to the list of just three, including sore throat, fatigue and headache, as the Guardian reported. About1 in 13 … Read more

CEO of Robinhood rival shines fresh light on what retail investors are doing. Wall Street needs to pay attention.

From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago, a newish crowd of retail investors emerged, pouring extra cash into equity markets and steering Wall Street into places they never dreamed of, such as meme stocks. Our call of the dayfrom the founder and chief executive officer of competitive stock trading app Zingeroo, says … Read more

Workers stayed in their jobs for years. Now they want a change

London CNN Business — In the past 12 months, a record number of Americans have quit their jobs, and workers around the world have been paying attention. “The Great Resignation is people saying, ‘Whatever the situation is, I want better,’” Patrecia Ming Buckley told CNN Business. The 35-year-old, who is based in Sydney, made the … Read more

Covid-19 infection linked with increased risk of new diabetes diagnosis, studies say

CNN — Over a year after recovering from a Covid-19 infection, Jennifer Hobbs is adjusting to her new normal: brain fog, joint pain, elevated liver enzymes and, now, type 2 diabetes. Hobbs had prediabetes before she got Covid-19, but her blood sugar levels were under control, and she didn’t need any treatment. Recently, that changed. … Read more

California grocery workers vote to authorize strike

Thousands of central and Southern California grocery workers have voted to authorize their union to call a strike against several major supermarket chains ByThe Associated Press March 27, 2022, 9:50 PM • 3 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article LOS ANGELES — Thousands of central and Southern California grocery workers have voted … Read more

Covid-19 case rates still matter

CNN — Covid-19 cases in the United States have fallen more than 95% from their peak in January, and on Friday, Hawaii will become the last state to roll back its indoor mask mandate. Testing has slowed, and states are scaling back on reporting surveillance data, too. But experts say that tracking new Covid-19 cases … Read more

US tuberculosis rates went up more than 9% in 2021 after plummeting early in pandemic, study shows

CNN — Tuberculosis cases in the United States rose 9.4% in the past year after falling almost 20% in 2020, though the latest rates are still significantly lower than before the pandemic, according to a new study. The study, published Thursday in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, … Read more

Fed official doesn’t think housing market is headed for a crash: ‘I am trying to buy a house here in Washington and the market is crazy’

Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller has no doubt about how competitive today’s housing market is. “Trust me, I know it is red hot because I am trying to buy a house here in Washington and the market is crazy,” Waller said in a speech at a housing conference. But even as home and rental prices … Read more

Airline CEOs urge Biden to end mask mandate, testing requirements

CNN Business — The CEOs of 10 airlines and cargo carriers have signed a letter to President Joe Biden saying he should end the transportation mask mandate and testing requirements for international travelers. In a new letter, industry group Airlines for America wrote, “now is the time for the Administration to sunset federal transportation travel … Read more