Denzel Washington speaks publicly about Will Smith Oscar slap

CNN — Denzel Washington spoke publicly about his interaction with Will Smith on Oscar night and what happened after Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage. Washington was a guest and speaker at Bishop TD Jakes’ leadership summit on Saturday. During the two-hour discussion about faith and his award-winning acting career, Washington was asked about the … Read more

Denzel talks about consoling Will Smith at Oscars

Denzel WashingtonPhoto: Kevin Winter (Getty Images) Amidst the chaos that ensued at the Oscars on Sunday night—after-you-know-who abruptly took the stage to you-know-what you-know-whom straight in the face—one of the most calming presences in the Dolby Theater appears to have been Denzel Washington. The veteran actor was one of a few A-listers who joined ostensible … Read more

Oscars 2022: Troy Kotsur wins best supporting actor for Coda – live! | Movie

9.40pm EDT 21:40 There is now a moment of reflection for the people of Ukraine. Earlier there had been talk that President Zelenskyy would make an appearance, but instead we just get some text on a screen. Which is probably for the best, since appearing on an industry awards show wouldn’t exactly have been the … Read more

Denzel Washington Gave Samuel L. Jackson His Honorary Oscar

The 94th Academy Awards will be televised on Sunday, and it’s already shaping up to be an even more chaotic year than most. There’s no host controversy nor sloppy pandemic-era safeguards, but there is mockery over its #OscarsFanFavorite semi-trophy as well as backlash over producers’ decision to scuttle eight whole categories from the live broadcast. … Read more

Watch Denzel Washington gives Samuel L. Jackson his honorary Oscar

From left to right: Samuel L. Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson’s Oscar, Denzel WashingtonPhoto: Mike Coppola (Getty Images) The art of picking the right presenter for any given award is a tricky one; the most personal the connection between the two parties, and the more genuine the appreciation the presenter has for the presentee, the better. … Read more