Treasury yields invert ahead of Fed minutes

US Treasury yields inverted on Monday morning, with investors remaining focused on Federal Reserve policy, ahead of the central bank’s latest meeting minutes due out later in the week. The yield on the 2-year Treasury yield was up less than basis point to 2.4384 at 4:25 am ET, while the benchmark 10-year Treasury note rose … Read more

CDC confirms myocarditis risk after vax, virus

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — For the millions of Americans that have gotten COVID-19, the health care journey isn’t over. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed in a new report that the risk of cardiac complications persists following infection and recovery. The report released April 1 paints the picture of ongoing risks and … Read more

COVID new mutant omicron variant XE

(NEXSTAR) – Just days after the BA.2 strain of coronavirus achieved world dominance, international health officials are already turning their attention to a new, mutant variant believed to be even more transmissible – XE. XE is a combination of the first form of omicron to spread across the globe, BA.1, and so-called “stealth omicron,” the … Read more

Myocarditis risk higher after Covid infection than vaccination, CDC finds

A healthcare worker administers a Covid-19 test in San Francisco, California, on Monday, Jan. 10, 2022. David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images People infected with Covid-19 face a higher risk of myocarditis and other inflammatory heart conditions than those vaccinated against the disease, according to a large study published by the Centers for … Read more

Miley Cyrus tests positive for COVID after world tour but says it ‘was definitely worth it’

Miley Cyrus tests positive for COVID after whirlwind world tour but says it ‘was definitely worth it’… despite having to skip Grammy weekend performance The singer, 29, announced her health update via Twitter on Friday, writing: ‘Traveling around the world, playin for a 100,000 people a night & meeting hundreds of fans a day the … Read more

Insect-borne viruses like Zika and Dengue could be the cause of the next pandemic, WHO warns

Insect-borne viruses like Zika and Dengue could be the cause of the next pandemic, world health chiefs warn Viruses transmitted by insects could be next global pandemic WHO believes Pathogens like Zika virus are spread by arthropods like mosquitoes and ticks Nearly four billion people live in tropical and sub-tropical areas where they thrive By … Read more

Treasury yields invert stoking recession fears

5-year and 30-year US Treasury yields inverted once again on Friday morning, stoking fears that a recession could be in the cards. The yield on the 5-year Treasury bond had jumped 11 basis points to 2.5318% at 4:30 am ET, while the rate on the 30-year Treasury bond had jumped 6 basis points to 2.5144%. … Read more

WHO Outlines Strategy to End Global COVID-19 Emergency in 2022

The World Health Organization on Wednesday unveiled an updated plan for COVID-19 that, if implemented “rapidly and consistently” this year, will allow the world to end the emergency phase of the pandemic. The plan—the WHO’s third on COVID-19—includes three potential scenarios for how the virus might evolve in the next 12 months: a base case, … Read more

What Fresh Hell Is This? WaPo’s Headline About Pregnancy and COVID Breakthrough Infections Is a Hot Mess

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. The Left has fallen for science fiction concerning gender and defining women. They’ve fallen for the science fiction relating to the coronavirus, like mask-wearing being 100 percent effective and the vaccine preventing transmission. It’s only fitting that the two have now formed an amalgam of nonsense on … Read more