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811 Pacific Boulevard

Here’s the third rezoning proposal for Northeast False Creek. This one is only able to be submitted now, once the decision to remove the viaducts has allowed the site configuration (and the initial design for the newly enlarged Creekside Park) to be … Continue reading

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750 Pacific Boulevard (Plaza of Nations)

  It may be officially 750 Pacific, but it’s the Plaza of Nations to everyone in the city. Or at least, it was – this rezoning will presumably see it getting a new name. The initial proposal here was submitted … Continue reading

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105 Keefer Street

Merrick Architecture were hoping that ‘third time lucky’ was true. When it was rejected, they reworked the proposal again. Here’s the fourth version of  the Chinatown project that we first posted three years ago. After a long and contentious public hearing over four nights, … Continue reading

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1668 – 1684 Alberni Street

There are two relatively recent upmarket condo towers here today, one with eleven stratas, and one with twelve. (They each have only one floor per unit). Westbank have held a pre-application open house to show a 39-storey 96 unit tower to … Continue reading

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904 Cardero Street

This modest infill in the West End contrasts with some of the massive towers proposed elsewhere in the area. The existing Heritage ‘B’ home will be retained and restored, and a 3-storey contemporary addition added to create a third unit … Continue reading

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1444 Alberni Street

A cluster of rival luxury condo towers is rapidly emerging in the small area around Alberni and West Georgia where the West End Plan contemplated higher towers. The latest design is about to head to a pre-rezoning open house, before submission … Continue reading

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Spot – 2800 Cambie Street

Here’s the built version of  ‘Spot’, approved in early 2015, and now just completing.  It first showed up in April 2012, and was redesigned in the summer if 2013. Council have to live with the design – it’s across the street from … Continue reading

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