545 East Cordova

Here’s another downtown Eastside infill project for non-market housing. It’s six storeys with 20 units, proposed for a 25 foot wide lot next door to a recent non-market and condo building. Designed for Lookout Housing and Health Society by DYS, the building will have yellow and royal blue detailing.

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988 West Broadway Office

Blue Sky Properties submitted their development application for a 10-storey office to sit on the south-east corner of Broadway and Oak (to replace an ageing mini-mall) in fall 2011. The rezoning was approved in March 2011, so the project permits were quite fast. It apparently took five years to get tenants signed up, and construction commenced in 2016.

Designed by Chris Dikeakos Architects (who designed a rental housing project on Granville Street for the same developer) the scheme has now been completed. A financial institution moving from further west on Broadway, and a shared workspace company are the main occupants of the building. There’s also retail space on the main floor, some leased to a burger restaurant.

As built matches the render, with the addition of shading devices on the west facing windows, and a more prominent canopy to protect pedestrians.

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1394 Robson Street

Until last month the Robsonstrasse Hotel sat on this site. Now the 1955 apartment building has been cleared; (it was converted to hotel use in 1976). The development application is for a four storey building (with a double height main floor) with two floors of retail space, and two floors of office on the 66 feet wide lot.

Designed by Musson Cattell Mackey for Asia Standard (who are also developing the Landmark across the street) it will add to the new retail spaces that are emerging along Robson Street.

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1068-1080 Burnaby Street and 1318 Thurlow Street

Here’s another West End tower that can be developed thanks to the West End Plan. This is very similar to a nearby tower proposal by the same architects and developers, and is for a 30 storey tower designed by NSDA and to be developed by Strand Developments with Intracorp. It was submitted a year ago and has already been approved as a rezoning. It will replace a 5 unit rental in a 1905 house, a 14 unit strata built in 1984 and a 23 unit rental building developed in 1955.

The new building has 82 market units, 24 of them studio and 1-bed and the remainder two bedroom or larger. A quarter of the space will be social housing (a plan requirement to permit the project to proceed). That space would see 39 units in total, with 20 two or three bed family units.

The render has been updated to show the Development Permit image.

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1600 West 6th Avenue

This rental housing project was approved as a rezoning in 2015. It was developed under the City’s Rental 100 program in Burrard Slopes, just across the lane from a recent non-market housing building.

Designed by W T Leung Architects, it has 99 much-needed rental units in a 12-storey building. Below is the model of the building seen by the Urban Design Panel in mid 2014. There were a few changes to the design – a bit less brick – but overall the massing and appearance of the building as built is close to the original design intention.

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601 Beach Avenue

This rezoning for a ‘gateway’ tower beside the Granville Street offramp has been anticipated for a while. It’s the counterpoint tower to Vancouver House, a tower currently under construction on the west side of the bridge.

The site was sold by the City of Vancouver for development to include a significant non-market housing component. The 54 storey tower would have 303 condo units and 152 social housing units.

Designed by GBL Architects with JYOM Architecture, the tower uses rectangular window units that shift slightly to give the effect of a sinuous curve, without incurring the much higher costs associated with custom shaped units.

The base of the building has three retail units, and a third of the non-market units, and over half the market condos would have two or three bedrooms.

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2425 Manitoba Street

Mount Pleasant continues to see new projects proposed, and built, throughout the industrial and office district. Here’s the latest, not yet showing up on the City’s website, but already apparently revised from an earlier version.

It’s across the street from Jonathan Rogers Park, on the corner of W8th Avenue, on a site that has almost no existing development. It’s yet another project for the area designed by Mallen Gowing Berzins Architects.

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