1296 Station Street


There has been a developer’s sign, (for Rize Alliance with Pioneer), on this site for many months. Now the development application has been submitted for a 285,000 square feet office building on 13 floors, with some retail space on the main floor, designed by Musson Cattell Mackey. The building would be to the south of the VIA, bus and Amtrak station and very close to the SkyTrain station.

Now that the project is being marketed, as ‘The Onyx’, there are 3D renderings. We’re assuming it has been approved by the City of Vancouver. This is not your typical office box; the elevations show a complex folded crystal shape, quite different from most office projects (although there have been several recent designs for office buildings that are more adventurous architecturally). Above we have shown the west elevation that would face Thornton Park.

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Navio – 49 East 1st Avenue

Concert Properties have one more building to construct in their rezoned Southeast False Creek project, The Creek. In the meantime the third and fourth buildings, at 12 and 14 storeys, with a total of 177 apartments are just about completed. They were marketed as ‘Navio’.

Designed by Rafii Architects with Richard Henry this is the view across a new park yet to be constructed in front, looking south-east. The first two buildings called Voda, and a non-market building have already been completed.

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1296 West Broadway

The Denny’s on West Broadway, with its surface parking lot, has been an obvious contender for redevelopment for years.

An application was submitted in early 2017, and has been rezoned to allow a 16-storey mixed-use building with retail at grade and office or retail on the second floor, and 158 rental apartments above.

As initially illustrated (on the right) the design was very retrained, with only dark and light brick cladding. The architects are the very experienced IBI Group working for Jameson Development Corp.

It has evolved into something a little more interesting. There are 39 2-bed and 17 3-bed units, so it meets the ‘family-friendly’ policies of the City of Vancouver for purpose-built rental projects.

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129 Keefer Street

Developer James Schouw proposed an infill development on Keefer Street, on a 25 foot wide lot. This building was proposed in early 2017 for the next door but one lot, 50 feet wide, and designed by Stantec Architecture.

Since then the initial version of the project has been redesigned for a new owner, retaining the same architects. The project proposes 32 condos over retail in an 88 feet high building with 10 storeys built to the existing zoning. (An adjacent site had a proposed rezoning to add additional height, but also offering rental seniors housing as part of the scheme – that would have been built to the west – the left – of this proposal, that was not supported by Council, and a revised project submitted with no rezoning was very unusually rejected by the Development Permit Board).

The illustrations show the project on the left, with the Heritage Keefer bar and residential building sandwiched between the new building and the earlier narrower proposal (apparently now redesigned a little).

The first version of the building (right) proposed to have retail frontages that wrap around to the laneway frontage via a narrow pedestrian alley that would connect Keefer to the laneway. That design used cast metal columns on the façade. The revised design is more contemporary, and we think a more worthy neighbour to the heritage building next door, (originally built as the warehouse of the Vancouver Gas Co.)

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Lightworks – 22 East 5th Avenue


The initial Urban Design Panel review of this Mount Pleasant industrial/office project sent it away for further design work. Now re-worked, christened ‘Lightworks’ and constructed over the past year and a half, the project incorporates the façade (or the corner) of a 1930s industrial building.

The project has manufacturing on the main floor, and 4 floors of office on the upper floors, designed by Christopher Bozyk Architects. Although marketed to the emerging tech community in the area, the building will be the headquarters for Saje Natural Wellness.

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2200 Yukon Street

Three Vets operated a grandfathered retail store in an industrial zone in Mount Pleasant for many years. They sold the building and closed the business a few months ago, and now the project to replace the store has been submitted.

It’s a four storey building of just over 50,000 square feet, with a third industrial and two thirds office space like all the other projects nearby coming forward in the area. It’s designed by Proscenium Architecture.

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405 Railway Street

This is another project to come along under the relatively recent ‘I-4’ zoning in ‘Railtown’. The architects are OMB (Office of Mcfarlane Biggar Architects + Designers) and the client is Niels Bendtsen of Inform Interiors and his furniture company, Bensen, a design and manufacturing group long established in this area.

There would be a range of office and manufacturing uses over a restaurant on the main floor in a six floor building of just under 112,000 square feet. It’ll be phased, with the eastern half built first, followed by the western part which will replace an existing 2-storey building that’s home to Bensen.

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