1555 Robson Street

IBI Group have already designed a new tower on this block of Robson Street – across the street and up the hill a little way at 1500 Robson.

Now they have designed a 28 storey tower for the corner of Cardero that will have 153 condos and 24 non-market rental units, replacing a 2-storey commercial building dating back to 1949. The tower, with office and retail in the base, will be across the lane from Kengo Kuma’s tower design, already under construction.

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1102-1138 East Georgia Street

This is a rezoning proposal which would add 37 residential units (20% as social housing) in a 4-storey building designed by Ekistics Architecture. It’s in a location that’s currently in industrial use, (although most of this block is residential) but the Downtown Eastside plan allowed a small area near the railtracks known as Kiwassa to become residential, provided social housing is provided. The main floor would have creative/production commercial space – almost the same space there today in industrial units.

Almost all the units – 30 of them – are proposed as 3-bed family housing, and it will interesting to see if these are one of the rare examples of affordable family market housing that the plan was intended to provide.

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219 Main Street

When the City of Vancouver developed a new plan for the Downtown Eastside, many areas saw zoning changed to encourage market and non-market rental buildings. As a result, only very modest strata density was allowed, but nevertheless, this five unit building is now getting very close to completion. Designed by Robert Turecki, Architect, It replaces single storey retail buildings dating back to 1954.

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1261 Hornby Street

Here’s the second residential tower proposed for Burrard Place. Originally there was a ‘junior’ version of the 54 storey first tower, (now under construction), but now a new, and different design has emerged. IBI Group, working with Los Angeles based Neil Denari, have designed the 36 storey tower.

They say “Like cells in an analogue film strip, these modules track up the building in four bays, each slipping past one another, suggesting motion and revealing the “action” within each module. This composition plays in elevation with the symmetry of the typical floor plan through the interlocking material logic of clear / silver glazing systems and the gray metal panel system. To further refine this supergrid, black ceramic frit is used as a kind of graphic tailoring that includes radiused and thickened corners.”

The scheme has 40,000 sq. ft. of office and 5,000 of retail (as a grocery store) in the podium, and a total of 233 residential units, 27 of them market rental, all over 9 levels of parking.

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1510 West 6th Avenue

Zonda Nellis designed and showcased her unique fabric and clothing designs on the corner of West 6th and Granville for over 20 years in a building designed by A A Robins. Now her company have redeveloped the site to add four residential units on a slightly larger lot, with three small retail units.

The model (right) shows the revised design from the end of 2014. Amanat Architects also designed their own offices in a building that bears some similarities a block away, so we were confident of the quality of the finished product. The landscape design is by Cornelia Hahn Oberlander with Enns | Gauthier.

The red detailing is pretty much the only difference from the submitted design, which shows that interesting designs can be achieved on small lots.

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829 Powell Street

This project is pushing the boundary of the area we cover (the Metro Core, pretty much) but it’s an intriguing building that has certainly changed the appearance of the industrial area. As more and more small housing units get built, demand for mini storage units goes up – and small businesses use their services as well. Some of the existing buildings that meet the need for storage are also disappearing, especially Downtown.

So the new buildings that are being developed are getting bigger – but none as much as this 8-storey design by Christopher Bozyk for a small site on the north side of Powell Street near the railtracks. The just completing building is a very faithful version of the original design from nearly five years ago.

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450 Gore Avenue

Here’s a new completed market rental building on the Strathcona / Chinatown edge, first proposed four years ago.

450 Gore Avenue was a long-abandoned gas station site, and this rezoning designed by Gair Williamson has 81 small market rental units. The design of the mostly wood-framed construction has retail on the main floor – something new for the east side of Gore.

Initially the project had black bricks – after community response was against that aspect of the building the final design was simpler, and lighter, with gold accents around the windows.

Named ‘Brixton Flats’, the project may cause some confusion as both the Brixton pub and a condo building opposite called ‘The Flats‘ are on the 200 block of East Georgia Street.

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