DeLorean Motor Company teases reveal date and sleek image of its gull-winged EV

Gas? Where we’re going, we don’t need gas. DeLorean Motor Company, the short-lived 1980s automaker behind the DMC DeLorean sports car turned pop culture staple thanks to the Back to the Future franchise, is returning with an EV model. The DeLorean EV concept has just recently been teased, but its official reveal has now been moved up three days alongside an enticing teaser image.

DeLorean Motor Company is an American automaker founded in 1975 by John DeLorean. Long before the Cybertruck, the company’s lone vehicle, the DMC DeLorean arrived with stainless steel panels and gull-wing doors.

Though the original iteration’s production was short lived, the brand lives on as a vital part of ’80s pop culture, thanks to three appearances as a customized DeLorean time machine in the Back to the Future trilogy.

While many of the remaining vehicles have been restored and celebrated for their role in the beloved film franchise, that’s about all history has to say about DMC… oh, and that whole drug trafficking sting on John DeLorean by the FBI.

Earlier this year, a new DMC website emerged, touting a silhouette of those all too familiar gull wing doors… but not much else. With a redesigned logo and a new slogan, “The future was never promised,” DeLorean has seemingly re-emerged from the bowels of nostalgia and obscurity and will be reborn as an EV brand.

Teaser images of the DeLorean EV – left, the silhouette from the DeLorean website, right, the latest teaser image / Source: DMC

DeLorean EV set to debut August 18 in Pebble Beach

The resurrected automaker shared news of its EV debut via this Tweet from DeLorean Motor Company that is accompanied by a full press release:

In addition to the first genuine sneak peak of the (name TBD) prototype, we learned that this new EV will first be unveiled on August 18, on the Awards Ramp at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Additionally, the DeLorean EV will be on display on the Concept Lawn at Pebble Beach on August 21, as originally planned. Troy Beetz, CMO at DMC elaborated:

Excitement is rising like the doors of our iconic sports car, and we are revealing the next generation prototype three days earlier than planned on the most prestigious stage at Pebble Beach.

DeLorean didn’t elaborate on why the debut had been moved up and why it will be on the Awards ramp, but getting to see this EV prototype three days sooner is welcomed news nonetheless. DeLorean Motor Company also stated that it will share the official name of the EV during the reveal.

The press release refers to the DeLorean EV as both a prototype and a concept, so if a production version does eventually arrive, it is sure to change. Nevertheless, the prospect of an all-electric DeLorean is exciting, and even a three-quarter shot of the left shoulder and taillight might be enough to lure us to Pebble Beach this summer.

If only those original DMC DeLoreans actually worked as time machines.

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