Changing domain

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2 Responses to Changing domain

  1. Sean Nelson says:

    Really – no link to the new site URL and the announcement is a JPEG that I can’t even cut and paste? Arrghh…

    • ChangingCity says:

      Hi Sean – sorry about that! The story is that we’ve paid WordPress about $200 over the years to redirect from to As we haven’t attempted to monetize the blog, we’re reluctant to keep paying. (Any ads you see benefit WordPress, not us). As far as we understand it, after the last payment runs out (which WordPress now suggest might be in December) we think that the wordpress page stays up. In the meantime we think there’s an automatic redirect to the slightly shorter so if it disappears, just add in the .worpress bit, and we hope it’ll work again. (Note we’ve added the link in this reply – but if the blog disappears, so will this!)

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