988 West Broadway Office

Blue Sky Properties submitted their development application for a 10-storey office to sit on the south-east corner of Broadway and Oak (to replace an ageing mini-mall) in fall 2011. The rezoning was approved in March 2011, so the project permits were quite fast. It apparently took five years to get tenants signed up, and construction commenced in 2016.

Designed by Chris Dikeakos Architects (who designed a rental housing project on Granville Street for the same developer) the scheme has now been completed. A financial institution moving from further west on Broadway, and a shared workspace company are the main occupants of the building. There’s also retail space on the main floor, some leased to a burger restaurant.

As built matches the render, with the addition of shading devices on the west facing windows, and a more prominent canopy to protect pedestrians.

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2 Responses to 988 West Broadway Office

  1. J says:

    I really like this proposal. I understand some provision was made to accomodate a rapid transit station at this site. Any idea how?

    • ChangingCity says:

      The rezoning report on the City’s website says “The corner space at grade will potentially provide a future transit station connection”. In the short to medium term it’s expected to be a retail unit, but if/when decisions are taken about transit options along Broadway, and there was a need for an underground station access at Oak Street, it could be provided.

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