1002 Station Street (St Paul’s Hospital)

The application to rezone the site for a replacement St Paul’s Hospital has finally been submitted. Designed by IBI Group for Providence Health Care, the new facility is planned to be built in two major phases, with some land reserved for a final phase later. The application covers:

  • A new hospital and integrated health care campus;
  • Commercial, office, hotel, institutional and limited residential uses that provide a variety of health-related support functions;
  • Retail and commercial space;
  • A range of building heights from approximately 20 m (66 ft.) to 60 m (197 ft.);
  • A new road network through the site that would connect to existing adjacent streets; and
  • Two child care facilities.

The entire project will see over three million square feet of space constructed. The design is preliminary; there’s only one rendering of the buildings. The application is concerned more with the scale, massing and location of the buildings.

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2 Responses to 1002 Station Street (St Paul’s Hospital)

  1. tf says:

    I can see where I live in the rendering and my only response to this development is –
    “What an awful thing, what an awful thing.”

  2. Ivan Steiner says:

    Most impressive. Ivan

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