2102 Keith Drive

Who knew there was a Keith Drive in Vancouver? And who anticipated that there would be such an innovative office building proposed here? The site is just by the VCC/Clark SkyTrain station, and the proposal is for an 8-storey office building with a mass timber frame. The zoning has allowed an office building here for many years

Designed by Dialog, there will be 124,500 sq. ft. of office space in an irregularly shaped building, the result of the main trunk sewer cutting across the site at an angle.

The architects explain the structural elements of the design: “The structural design of the building utilizes an innovative perimeter structural system of diagonally oriented braces which are integrated into the architecture of the building to create the primary expression of the building. These diagonal elements are celebrated within the facade as an expression of the way that the building resists the lateral and seismic forces of the site. By mirroring the orientation of the brace bays as facing pairs and alternating their orientation floor by floor, a repeating two-storey cellular pattern emerges, breaking down the overall scale and mass of the building.” There are balconies, which also act as solar shading, formed by the horizontal elements of the cell structure.

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