1155 Thurlow Street


We first posted this very late in 2013. The West End Plan having been adopted, new development proposals started to appear. This tower had been on the radar for a while, with the rezoning submitted, and the Urban Design Panel giving it the the thumbs up.

It’s on a site behind St Paul’s hospital and close to the Mole Hill heritage block, and previously it had a 1977 church building. The new building, which is a joint Bosa Properties and Central Presbyterian Church project, has a replacement church with 45 non-market rental housing units, and 168 market rental units above in a 22 storey building. The signature tree on the roof identifies the design to be by Henriquez Partners Architects.

1155 Thurlow render 1Initially the lower floors were shown clad in a rather 1950s green coloured panel. A 2016 render suggested a much more colourful podium than the monotone that was initially seen at the Urban Design Panel and  shown on the architect’s website. The final version isn’t quite as bright, as the colour comes from tiny screen printed crosses. The tower was completed on schedule, and tenants have already moved in.

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3 Responses to 1155 Thurlow Street

  1. beach650 says:

    Interesting that there isn’ tmore of a setback with the adjacent property…. there are windows on the side of that 2 storey building that are going to look at a wall that is… 3 ft away? Was there a relaxation of normal standards in that regard? (Love the use of colour on the corner portion of this proposal.)

  2. Ben says:

    Which Social Housing Society are the using to house people with disabilities etc? I know they have a certain number of units for people with disabilities etc.

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