204 West 6th Avenue

Another addition to the Mount Pleasant office and industrial revival, this 27,000 sq ft building is just completing, replacing a small 40-year old building. The panel colour changes with the lighting conditions – in bright sunlight it has a rich bronze tone.

Designed by MGBA who designed two other recent Mount Pleasant buildings, this four-storey fully leased building has two floors of office over two floors of clothing manufacturing. It’s taken two years from demolition of the previous building to completion.

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3 Responses to 204 West 6th Avenue

  1. brian239 says:

    Reblogged this on renditiondevelopments and commented:
    This is our 3rd project in Mount Pleasant area.

  2. cherylknopp says:

    Just a quick note – 204 West 6th is designed by MGBA – Mallen Gowing Berzins Architecture.

    • ChangingCity says:

      Thanks – the new WordPress isn’t as straightforward as the old WordPress, so we missed the typo. All fixed now. At least we linked to the correct other projects!

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