777 Pacific Boulevard

The City of Vancouver wrapped up consultation nearly a year ago on a plan for the North East False Creek area, including the land that will be freed up when the viaducts are removed, and the Plaza of Nations. One parcel included in the plan is the north east corner of BC Place stadium. Pavco, the owners of the stadium, are proposing a 40 storey residential tower over a commercial base that would be extended in a second phase of development. (The two phase construction of the parkade is to accommodate the Georgia ramp construction which could precede the construction of the building). The design has been slightly altered – the tower is 3 storeys shorter, and the base is slightly less massive than the first iteration, but the changes are realtively minor.

The tower would go through one of the city’s view cones, although not above the line of the mountains on the horizon, and the plan suggests a cluster of three towers would all be permitted to reach similar height to create a ‘gateway’ on Cambie Bridge.

There are 389 units proposed in the Stantec designed tower, which features three ‘cutout’ amenity spaces on different parts of the upper part of the tower, and a three storey commercial podium. There’s no indication if these would be rental or ownership units, although it’s unlikely that they would be freehold strata.

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