Ellsworth – 2290 Main Street


We first featured 2290 Main Street at the end of January 2013, and showed the picture (below) of the model of the building designed by Arno Matis in the fall of that year. Council approved the rezoning, it received a Development Permit and sales started as ‘Focal’. After over a year of sales the project was rebranded as ‘Paragon’ and a new sales centre was promised. That never materialized, and subsequently the building had yet another new name – Ellsworth – and a new developer, Chard Developments. The new render of the revised Musson Cattell Mackey designed building showed their version to be reasonably faithful to the original massing, height and number of suites, but a less expensive approach to glazing. As built the building looks just like the render said it would.

2290 Main modelThis area was previously mostly small scale industrial and auto-related use. However, the Mount Pleasant Plan allows the possibility of rezoning, and this is a location that the plan contemplated buildings close to those already around it – like the 10-storey District that’s behind it.

The project has commercial space at grade, artists production space and some artists live-work studios. The building is set back a little from Main Street with landscaping and seating in front. As it was rezoned, the new building design by MCMP will still have to perform at a LEED Gold level.

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3 Responses to Ellsworth – 2290 Main Street

  1. Tiktaalik says:

    This is one of the best designs for a residential condo I’ve seen in years. It’s a shame that the project is stalling and in limbo.

  2. Andrew Thompson says:

    Too big for main street area. They should build low level condos all the way along that main street area like the other 4- 7 story projects on Main St. City council should stick to their original plans and not let the big developer money ruin our hood.

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