Strathcona Village – 900 E Hastings


We first mentioned this project back in January 2012, although ideas had been kicking around for many years. It was given a green light for rezoning in November that year, and a slightly revised design was supported by the Urban Design Panel (seen below), in early 2013. Now, five years later, it’s just about complete. After a false start trying to sell the project in a Downtown sales centre it was remarketed – and successfully sold – as Strathcona Village.

It’s a surprisingly big structure, and will make a huge difference to the neighbourhood. Initially we wondered if the Development Permit would look any different from the rezoning design (which referenced the stacks of shipping containers found just to the north in the Port of Vancouver). The rezoning render is below – and very little changed. The coloured material is corrugated, just like containers.

955 E Hastings render 2Previously there was a set of what looked like single storey buildings, although as they’re on the edge of the bridge that goes over the railway, actually they’re quite a bit taller on the lane. GBL designed the new building for Wall Financial. The tallest section is twelve storeys, with over 280 market units, 70 non-market units and light industrial and commercial strata units both at street level and below.

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4 Responses to Strathcona Village – 900 E Hastings

  1. Andrew Browne says:

    Seems to be called 955 East Hastings @ the CoV. Link below

  2. Rico says:

    I like the industrial component but reserve judgement on the look of the building (my first reaction is not kind, but it may grow on me).

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