750 Pacific Boulevard (Plaza of Nations)


It may be officially 750 Pacific, but it’s the Plaza of Nations to everyone in the city. Or at least, it was – this rezoning will presumably see it getting a new name. The initial proposal for the site was submitted in 2012 and proposed up to 2,000 apartments with 350,000 sq ft of commercial space including a hotel and retail. It also included a new practice arena for the Canucks which would be a public skating rink the rest of the time.

The most striking gesture was James Cheng’s proposed ‘grand arch’ tower (seen on the right). Now that design is history, and a different concept has emerged with terraced forms creating a frame for a view of the stadium.

There are no unit numbers yet, and the design is still conceptual, but there would be around 1,350,000 sq ft of residential space and 350,000 of non-residential, as in the first proposal. The rezoning showed a block massing (left) which has now been refined into the more detailed model (seen at the recent open house, above), although the design of individual buildings is still not in any way accurate.

The project includes social housing, civic facilities, including a community centre, ice rink and a 69-space childcare facility; and a new community plaza and seawall. It looks as if the final vestige of Expo (other than Science World) will be the small grove of evergreen trees on a promontory.


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5 Responses to 750 Pacific Boulevard (Plaza of Nations)

  1. Rico says:

    Hopefully just a trial balloon. Very uninspiring (except in the render from the water). The pedestrian realm will suck, the seawall pathway alone along the water going through a large sterile plaza…should be much better….can’t see it passing the urban design panel (nor should it).

  2. Rob says:

    Someone please tell me that this was a very early concept that was not meant for public consumption.
    This seems like it was done in about 20mins using Photoshop. The buildings are essentially blocks that appear to have no outside balcony space for residents nor any discernible retail space facing the main open plaza. The blank flat roofs are boring and are misleading as I’m sure they would be cluttered with fans, exhausts, window cleaning equipment etc…
    Really quite awful…

  3. Warren Allan says:

    Playing with shapes that have no relationship to each other let alone their environment or surrounding development. Go home…

  4. Andrew Browne says:

    Looks a bit Toronto. Not sure about the large plaza. Looks destined to be empty, especially as it doesn’t seem connected to much of anything (excepting the seawall). I’m ignoring the architecture for now as it obviously has not been fleshed out, but the massing is not inspiring.

  5. Tim B says:

    A late April Fools joke perhaps? Hopefully?

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