1040 – 1080 Barclay Street

Here’s the next West End towers proposed for a rezoning. This time Bosa and Kingswood have teamed up to propose 481 market strata units and 162 social housing units designed by Buro Ole Scheeren – the same architect who designed Bosa’s 1500 West Georgia tower. As with that project, Francl Architecture would be the architect of record (the local partner).

It’s always confusing to describe where projects are located in north-south-east-west terms on a 45 degree grid, but the project would be on the southern corner of Barclay and Thurlow Street, (although the application letter says northwest) and the scheme proposes retail uses on Thurlow.



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6 Responses to 1040 – 1080 Barclay Street

  1. Blair Smith says:

    Not northwest corner. Do you need a new proof-reader?

  2. Mark Landmann says:

    Wait, you’ve changed it to southwest, but it would have to be the southeast corner, no?

    • ChangingCity says:

      That depends on how you twist a 45 degree grid. Is Thurlow the north/south street, or Barclay? We’ve fudged it, as it’s definitely in the south, and not the northwest!

      • Blair Smith says:

        When I am stating which corner in the Westend I explain to people that it is close to 45 degrees off square, so this would be the South corner. And for example your view compass point of NSEW are the corners of the streets.

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