936 Main Street

The site boards have only just appeared for this infill project on Main Street, but it was submitted in 2016, so there must have been some issues to work through. Francl Architecture have designed an eight storey building with a main floor retail and restaurant, office space above and twenty-five rental apartments on the top five floors.

The building site is next door to another interesting new housing project, and like that building it will have a rear façade to a street as it’s an unusually shallow block (the rear façade is seen on the right).

There’s an existing burned out building whose façade will be retained and incorporated into the new building.

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One Response to 936 Main Street

  1. CB says:

    Fantastic. I used to walk by the old brick building quite often and thought for sure that it was a goner. Glad to see that they are keeping the facade (not ideal, but for a building in such bad condition, to be expected). The colour scheme certainly keeps with the Main Street aesthetic, and it will be interesting to see this and the neighbouring development fill in a few of the remaining holes on Main.

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