1515 Alberni (1500 West Georgia Street)

This dramatic design for a condo tower on West Georgia has just received unanimous support from City Council. In January 2016 we noted that it had been known for a while that Bosa Properties, in conjunction with Kingswood Capital, had acquired the iconic Rhone and Iredale designed triangular 1500 W Georgia office building in 2014.

While the office building is a well performing asset, (and a post 40s heritage structure) it’s the opportunity to add a residential tower to the other side of the site that prompted their purchase. That tower has been designed by German architect Ole Scheeren, probably best known for his China Central Television Headquarters in Beijing when he was with Rem Koolhaas at OMA.

1500 W GeorgiaIn June 2015 235 condos were proposed in a 51 storey structure (shown on the right). In 2016 a new rezoning application was submitted for the revised version with 220 condos in 42 storeys, to fit under the viewcone across the site. (The developers either hadn’t read the West End Plan that allowed them to design a higher building here in the first place – or hoped their design would somehow allow them to ignore it. “Building heights should not exceed view corridor limits (except Queen Elizabeth View Corridor where consistent with the General Policy for Higher Buildings.)”

1500 revised street viewThe project also has a revised design for the existing water feature, which will now be relatively unchanged from what’s there today (which wasn’t true of the first iteration of the project), and a different design of the base which doesn’t have a theatre proposed in a prominent box. The fancy energy arrangements powering the lower floors from the upper parts of the tower may still be part of the overall scheme.

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2 Responses to 1515 Alberni (1500 West Georgia Street)

  1. Phil Warren says:

    not a big fan of that current proposal,,,,,looks like a composite of lego pieces! !

  2. Greg Arden says:

    Just wondering how much the north-facing units in 1500 Alberni have lost in market value?

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