Avenue One – 201 West 2nd Avenue

In 2012 we showed the model of South East False Creek, with an idea of how to deal with the site behind the hinge park – the point where the grid shifts. The was an approved rezoning for the site from some years back, but that was for the former owners, Millennium, who also developed the Olympic Village. The site was sold as part of their receivership, and the new owners – Concord Pacific – switched architects to GBL, the designers of several other SEFC projects.

Hinge Concord modelIn 2012 the Urban Design Panel preferred the new design concept which replaced an earlier quite bulky angled building. The new idea was for a curved building almost split into two parts, bending between the alignment of Second Avenue and further phases of development to come on the north side of 1st Avenue alongside the park. There are open areas in front and behind the building, with water features on the northern side.

In 2015 we had a submitted project for the site, continuing the idea of a curved wall, although as a single mass. There were 247 units on 17 floors, 96 of them with two bedrooms. Because the site it sits on is quite large, (although an odd shape) the density, at 3.5 FSR seems lower than some other projects like the Wall Centre next door, or the West tower to the east. Those both earned extra density by offering facilities – a childcare at West, and the newly named BMO theatre at the Wall Centre. This building follows the density in the area plan exactly, and has a higher density than all four Olympic Village parcels to the north east (although Canada House, Kayak and Sails have slightly greater site density).

Now, after construction has started, there’s a revision to add another penthouse floor with one huge unit, and three more units below. The density would be 3.7 FSR. The top picture shows the inner curve, facing north east, and the outer face (which doesn’t have exterior balconies) is on the right. The five storey cut-out is still proposed (at least for now) to be finished in a copper coloured metal panel, while the rest of the building has brushed aluminum finish.

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