Addition – 1155 Hornby Street

We first posted this project in mid 2012 when details and an initial render were released. It’s one of the schemes that hovered in the background for a long time, but it finally headed to the Development Permit Board in July 2012.

The application was first submitted in 2008, and had an 18 storey condo tower with 150 units,  joined to the Murray Hotel. That’s a non-market housing building that will remain as low-income housing, but is getting a facade rehabilitation. The new version increased the units to 164 in 20 storeys. The project is another from the office of Henriquez Partners, in this case for Kenstone Properties.

The design of the tower portion changed from the earlier versions, but the ‘as built is almost exactly what the render (right) from three years ago promised.

What wasn’t clear then, but is obvious now, is the latest playful architectural gesture from the Henriquez office. The units on the right of the building are designed to look the same as the townhouses on the left, raised high above the darker glazed recessed units on the main floor.

There’s a fake ‘porch’ and a staircase that descends and ends up suspended in mid-air.

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4 Responses to Addition – 1155 Hornby Street

  1. Rico says:

    I like the base, not wild about the tower.

  2. beach650 says:

    Funny – I’m the opposite, like the tower, not wild about the base. Is the Murray Hotel being demolished and just the facade saved, or is the whole building saved and only the facade is being renovated?

    • ChangingCity says:

      As far as we know the facade gets fixed up, and the ‘hotel’ behind stays open and operating as single occupancy market rental housing, as it has for many years.

  3. Rico says:

    Can I change my mind? The tower looks good in your pictures….the base not so much, also not sure if I like the fake stairways.

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