35 and 43 West 6th Avenue

Like #20 buses, projects seem to sometimes come along one behind the other. So here’s another Mount Pleasant industrial/office project that’s also proposing to retain and restore a remaining residential unit – in this case the 1901 Coulter House, which would be used as a restaurant. Behind, and beside it would be 5 storey industrial and office building, which would be ‘carved around the Coulter House which becomes the main entrance and defining feature of the proposed ground floor restaurant space. In this way, the house is adapted to a new use and will become a functional and interactive element within the new building.’

We’re showing the site render, as the website only has an elevation, which isn’t particularly informative (although the site sign is a little fuzzy). As with the other project that retains the existing building on site, the new building will be slightly taller to accomodate the permitted density; in this case 73 feet. The architect is Yamamoto Architecture.

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2 Responses to 35 and 43 West 6th Avenue

  1. c b says:

    The developers need to take a look at 2040 Columbia St, and then redesign accordingly.

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