2206 Main Street

While some projects in the Main Street 2nd to 7th corridor are apparently stalled, new proposals are moving ahead closer to West Broadway. Here’s another rezoning for a 65 unit condo building over retail that would be developed next door to Ellsworth, already well on the way to completion, and across the lane from District.

Designed by Studio B Architects, the building has a range of unit sizes with 19 studios, 19 1-bed, 17 2-bed and 10 3-bed condos. We’re showing the 6th Avenue façade, which suggests some radical graphic proposals for brightening up the lane.

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2 Responses to 2206 Main Street

  1. Alex Botta says:

    Ten 3-bedrooms. Kudos to them, and the families that will live there!

    • ChangingCity says:

      Most of those three (and two) bedroom units are required by the City’s rezoning policy. “Rezoning applications that include any residential strata housing are required to include a minimum of 35 percent family units (units having two or more bedrooms), including a minimum of 10 percent three-bedroom units and a minimum of 25 percent two-bedroom units.” But every little extra helps

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