58 West Hastings Street

This rezoning in the Downtown Eastside has been anticipated for some time. The site is big, and has been vacant for several years. It was last owned by Concord Pacific, who designed a condo project here, but some years later handed it on to the City of Vancouver as part of a Community Amenity Contribution package that allowed Concord to build additional density near Cambie Bridgehead.

An initial proposal for a ten-storey mixed-use building designed by W T Leung was submitted in March. It had small scale retail uses on the ground floor, with a health care clinic and medical and dental offices occupying the rear portion of the ground floor, as well as the second and third floors. The upper floors had a 12 foot setback on the west side, needed there because of the windows on the side of the adjacent building.

The project has now been revised following the comments of the Urban Design Panel. It now has 231 non-market rental units with 54 of them 2-bed family apartments. It’s being developed by The Chinatown Foundation working with Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency. Given the location and the need in that area it will have a mix of low-income tenants, including some families, and will be managed by a third-party housing operator. In October last year it was reported that the $30 million that the foundation plans to contribute would allow 125 units to be rented out at subsidized rates.

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