105 Keefer Street

Merrick Architecture have redesigned a building for this corner at least five times. The four earlier versions were for a rezoning, but after a public hearing that lasted many nights, with considerable opposition to the 120 foot tall project, the developers have submitted a shorter version that fits the zoning and so can avoid a public inquiry. The site is on the corner of Keefer and Columbia, across the street from the Sun Yat Sen garden.

The rejected rezoning proposal was 12 storeys, and had 110 market and 25 non-market senior’s units. The building was sculpted to ensure there wasn’t a shadow on the garden. The new shorter version has 111 condos, as the zoning permits, but no non-market housing. There are commercial uses at grade, including a seniors’ cultural space (as was proposed in the previous rezoning).

As this is effectively the same design that the Urban Design Panel already supported, but without the more controversial additional three storeys, it ought to have no problem going forward to a fall Development Permit Board meeting.

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4 Responses to 105 Keefer Street

  1. Ron says:

    I think the new version, with 2 wide facades, looks bulkier than the 2nd version.

  2. Jason Jones says:

    What can they build here without a rezoning?

    • ChangingCity says:

      As far as we can tell, up to 90 feet, condo over a floor of retail. That’s what has recently been approved on the 50′ lot to the east. Whether the new changes to zoning will apply to any project that’s submitted under current zoning is a bit unclear, as those changes haven’t been adopted yet. If they did apply, there would be an 8 storey maximum (but still 90′ tall) and a 6.05 FSR limit. As the 12 storey rezoning version was 7.04 FSR, it’s unlikely that the density limit will be an issue.

  3. matt says:

    serves the NIMBYs right. They were going to get something (25 senior’s units) and now they get nothing.

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