Smithe and Richards

Here’s the refined final design for a new Downtown South park, located on land acquired by the city for a possible park well over a decade ago. Now with Development Cost Levy funding and some of the Community Amenity Contribution from Telus Garden, the project is in the final stretch. (The sketch of the pre-application version from a year ago is shown below).

Park render 2Compared to some of the city’s park’s this looks as if it could be quite dynamic. The buildings to the east, across the lane, were never designed to be seen, as it was anticipated then (over twenty five years ago) that this site would be built on. The design includes a screen of trees along the back, a coffee kiosk near the street corner (which could be as successful as the green roofed J J Bean by the CBC), and a diagonal rising walkway that ends in mid-air. There’s also an event area, taking advantage of the significant slope of the site, and which doubles as a water feature in the summer.

This proposal finally offers a design for a park that really adds something different to the Downtown. Now there just needs to be a re-working of the awful granite Yaletown Park nearby.

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One Response to Smithe and Richards

  1. John Savage says:

    I agree. The Granite Park and Cooper’s Dog Park are both eyesores.

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