811 Carrall Street

Here’s the third rezoning proposal for Northeast False Creek. This one is only able to be submitted now, once the decision to remove the viaducts has allowed an initial idea for site configuration (and the initial design for the newly enlarged Creekside Park) to be suggested. (It was first addressed as Pacific Boulevard, but has now adopted a Carrall address).

The Concord Pacific lands will see a variety of buildings with heights up to 41 storeys including commercial uses, residential uses including social housing and a public plaza at the foot of Georgia Street, with delivery of the Creekside Park Extension.

Urban Designers and architects Civitas (working with Dialog) have shown an initial site arrangement of nine buildings, with two towers to the western side close to the stadium (and the Pavco tower) and the remaining area with a more consistent 20-storey set of buildings (that we suspect are ‘build to the view cone’ designs). The City’s guidance is that there should be 2.1 million sq ft of development here, with at least 220,000 in non-residential uses, but we think this initial scheme exceeds that limit. It’s not clear if different architects will design the buildings here; Concord have widened their architectural net in recent years, so the implied sameness that this initial set of images shows might be quite different once the project evolves and detailed designs are submitted.

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