2221 Main Street

In March the City of Vancouver unveiled their ‘housing reset’ to increase supply of affordable housing. Here’s an example of what that might look like; a 9-storey rental building in Mount Pleasant.

Proposed by Catalyst Community Developments Society and Marcon Developments with the City of Vancouver’s Affordable Housing Agency, it would see 145 social housing rental units over retail. The rezoning is for a site that for many years has been a City-owned parking lot, acquired for a road building project abandoned several years ago. There’s a proposed park also intended for the southern end of the site (in the foreground of this render).

Half the units will be two and three bed apartments. There would be nearly 10,000 square feet of commercial space in the Rositch Hemphill designed building. Thw project is moving fast; the design has already been revised. On the right is what the earlier version would have looked like from Kingsway, the same view as the revised design above.

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2 Responses to 2221 Main Street

  1. adamlfitch says:

    Your reference to a “road building project abandoned several years ago” could use a bit more explanation. The city acquired that block many years ago, with the idea of extending Kingsway northeast diagonally across the site, and tying it into Quebec Street, to create a north-south freeway. Didn’t happen, thank goodness. The whole thing should have been turned into a park, or at least a major portion of it, rather than the rump that is being proposed, which will have its view of the downtown blocked by the new condo block.

    • ChangingCity says:

      It’s not a condo block; it’s a rental, and even more importantly non-market housing. A park really doesn’t have the same priority as new non-market housing, and there probably wouldn’t be much of a view once other projects down the street are built.

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