1133 Melville Street

We have see more office space completed recently than in many previous years – in the past that would have been reason for the development industry to slow down for several years.

That doesn’t seem to be happening; instead there’s a stream of new proposals for more office buildings, and this project (one of the largest) is for a rezoning on Melville Street.

Currently there’s a rather ugly and somewhat oddly designed 500 space parkade from the early 1980s, with office space on the top on this mid-block Melville Street site. Initially Oxford Properties hired Kohn Pederson Fox to design a 650,000 sq ft office tower (below), 33 storeys tall – which translated to 524 feet to the top of the parapet.

That design ran into some issues, and wasn’t supported by the Urban Design Panel in mid 2015.

Now there’s a new ‘stacked boxes’ design by James Cheng with Adamason Associates of Toronto that would still see one of the largest office spaces in the city at around 620,000 square feet. It would definitely be the tallest at 550 feet and 34 storeys.

The building would be around three times the base density allowed here – the Metro Core Study some years ago allowed the potential for rezonings for commercial uses. There appears to be some retail space at the bottom of the tower, (likely to attract restaurant and coffee shop type uses).

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