833 West Pender Street

This project came as quite a surprise. Edward Chapman’s menswear store, next to the old Stock Exchange office tower project, wasn’t incorporated into that development site. It looked as if it would be an unfortunate orphan, but now the Executive Group have proposed to build a 13 storey hotel that will also see the space in the heritage part of the Exchange (and the new-build part of the lower floors) used as hotel rooms as well.

The architects for the new 13 storey building are Studio One, while the conversion of the new building to hotel use is by Iredale Group with ZGF Cotter. This new building will have 106 hotel rooms. The model (left) is the revised design – the first version (above) was not supported.

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4 Responses to 833 West Pender Street

  1. I sincerely hope this is more of a ‘massing’ render than depicting the actual building. As it is here, it makes no effort to fit in with either of it’s neighbours. Particularly egregious is the disconnect of design with the new Exchange tower.

    • ChangingCity says:

      We’ve replaced the site render with the Development Application render. They’re pretty much the same, so what you see, is what you’ll get, assuming it’s approved.

      • monogram1 says:

        Thank you. I saw these a bit earlier. I’m optimistic as I support this development.

        I am impressed with the length they’ve gone to address potential concerns from Jameson House residents. (we know the impact they had on the Exchange Tower.)

        I’ll be interested to see how this proceeds.

        I appreciate the update – and your blog in general.


  2. The Executive Group always build nice building, I have every confidence that this hotel will look great.

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