530 and 575 Drake Street

Right now there are two social service buildings on the corner of Seymour Street; Covenant House occupy a two storey converted office building at 575 Drake Street and the Immigrant Services Society were in the three storey building across the street. With a fabulous new home on Victoria Drive, the ISS have vacated their former premises and Covenant House have obtained a rezoning to allow redevelopment to create a 5 storey building to replace that building. (The existing building actually dates back to the early 1900s when it was built for Philo Johnson – probably a successful Yukon gold miner.)

Across the street will be a ten storey building that will replace the existing Covenant House structure. The redevelopment will occur in phases with construction and fundraising over the next 5 years with an anticipated completion of the larger building in 2020.

The buildings are designed by NSDA Architects, and both look a little like some of their other recent non-market buildings for BC Housing. We’ve posted the new renders of the newly submitted Development Permit designs, which are relatively unchanged from the rezoning.

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