320 Granville Street

320-granville-v3320 Granville was another Downtown office rezoning proposed in 2012 to replace an ageing parkade at Granville on the south side of Cordova. Originally a tower was designed by VIA Architecture, following the recent trend of an angled element on the facade to add some interest without compromising the potential for the greatest floor area. That version was not supported by the Urban Design Panel, so nearly 18 months later a revised design (below) was submitted and subsequenly approved.

320-granville-v2It had 32 storeys, totalling 380,000 sq ft of space. Initially a daycare was proposed on the top floor, but that idea was dropped quite early in the process. Since 2013 all has been quiet about the project, but two other towers are also moving ahead on the same block.

Now with a new owner, Bosa Development, a totally different version is going to the DP Board in the spring. Now with 30 floors, the design, and the architect has changed, although the floorspace is the same.

Kohn Pedersen Fox of New York have designed the new, curvy, tower with local partners Chris Dikeakos Architects. There’s a fairly open cutaway corner, as this picture of the model (above) viewed (and supported) by the Urban Design panel shows.

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5 Responses to 320 Granville Street

  1. John Wilson says:

    It’s not the most interesting building, but I will support any opportunity to get rid of that ugly parkade.

  2. DMO says:

    I walked past the parkade yesterday and noticed a new rendering of the project on the development billboard. It shows a far more flowing and curved tower (similar to the office tower attached to the Burrard Place project) than the structure shown above.

    • ChangingCity says:

      Thanks: we’ve added the new design and architects from the site notice and the City’s website.

      • sean says:

        which photo is the official new building rendering photo? will this be the final exterior design?

      • ChangingCity says:

        The main image is the new one by KPF. The smaller white block design was the previous version for the earlier developer; they’re both pictures of models, rather than renders. The new curvy one was just supported by the Urban Design Panel, so could go ahead assuming it gets approved in April, but until something is actually being built you never know what a ‘final’ design will be like.

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