131 Water Street


We anticipated this project for a while as it had been discussed in various Heritage committees in the recent past. Now it’s a development application which has finally appeared on the City’s website, showing two new seven storey mixed-use commercial/residential buildings replacing the Henriquez designed Gaslight Square and retaining the facades of three existing heritage buildings adjacent on either side. The architects are Rositch Hemphill Architects, and while The Heritage Commission supported the project, (while regretting the loss of Gaslight Square) it was narrowly rejected by the Urban Design Panel.

If approved, the new project will be just along the street from another recently proposed development, so Water Street could see quite a bit of development activity after a lull of several years. Our image is of the model viewed (and narrowly non-supported) by the UDP in November 2016.

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2 Responses to 131 Water Street

  1. Bob Ford says:

    I saw that they put up a development sign on Tuesday February 28th then it was taken down Thursday March 2nd. Disgruntled person or withdrawn application?

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