Wohlsein – 311 East 6th Avenue



This project was a bit of a mystery when it appeared as a proposal in 2014. It’s had an address in Mount Pleasant, a bit of a description: “To develop new mixed use building with artist studios and residential units” and a date for the Development Permit Board in September.

311 E6thIt went to the Urban Design Panel in July, and we learned that the architects are IBI Group. As it’s proposed under zoning it can proceed without going to a public hearing. There was a hitch with the unanimous non-support of the UDP members to the first version (on the right). The revised lighter version (below) was given a green light a few weeks later. The ‘as built’ is very close; the top floor is still light, but has a cream finish.

311 E 6th v2It’s called The Wohlsein’ – an odd choice unless you know that it’s a toast to good health, and that there’s a picture of the employees of Doering and Marstrand Brewery that was in this location in Mount Pleasant in 1890 with ‘Wohlsein’ as the caption.


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