Trump International Hotel & Tower

trump-blogWe featured a number of previously mothballed projects that were put on hold after the slow-down in 2008 that were resurrected, and this is the most prominent and anticipated project in the city, the Arthur Erickson assisted design opposite Shangri-La tower at 1151 West Georgia. It’s a 63 storey tower that was a large hole in the ground for several years. In 2012 the hole got even deeper as work resumed with a new contractor on this seemingly cursed site. (A previous commercial project on the same site sat half-built for many years before it was finally abandoned).

Trump tower render 2013A combination of DYS and MCM Architects were responsible for the final design, and there are condos above a Trump hotel (that was to be a Ritz Carlton when first seen as a design in 2004). Erickson was brought in to suggest how to avoid the viewcone that limited the site, and he proposed the gentle twist that angles the building at the critical point.

Trump already had a tower in Toronto, and had indicated an interest in Vancouver for some time. This is easily the biggest project the developer, Holborn, had attempted, although the parent company, T A Global of Malaysia have apparently helped with the $360 million cost. Completion was due in the second half of 2016, and is finally nearing completion now.

Above is the 2013 render from the developer’s website. The glass colour was variously suggested as green or blue, but ended up blue-grey. The render also shows the two storey convention portion of the hotel on the roof of the podium of the adjacent office building.

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3 Responses to Trump International Hotel & Tower

  1. Tessa says:

    I’d prefer a hole in the ground to this.

  2. Ryan says:

    Such downers, God.
    It’s a cool, twisting, Erickson designed beast. People in Vancouver bitterly resent change.

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