Five Ten Seymour Street

510-seymour-blogThis project started out as something of a mystery in June 2013 – an office building for a site on the corner of West Pender and Seymour Street. There were two older 2-storey buildings, one a sushi restaurant and the other (dating from 1905) vacant for several years.

The mystery was that as far as we knew there wasn’t either a rezoning or development application submitted, although the building was being marketed. The design 538 W Penderby Musson Cattell Mackey initially was for a 9-storey building with 77,000 sq ft of space (below).

The development application was for a 10 storey building, and the design evolved into something that looks really much more interesting. There are angled glazed sections in the facade which add an extra level of variation on what is really a very efficient block floorplate.

The Urban Design panel were happy with it in April 2014, and it was approved by the Development Permit Board in June. Quickly under construction, the good news for the developers was that it was almost completely leased, although the bad news for them is that one of their tenants, just announced they are closing their business before they even managed to move in.

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