Crosstown School


There’s been a site reserved for a new elementary school at International Village for several years. Part of the site was developed as a childcare, completed at the end of 2009, and now Francl Architecture have designed a 510 place school on the remainder of the site. Before construction started it was an entirely land-locked parking lot (the access was lost when the childcare was built).

IV School modelIn 2013 we thought it would be distinctly contemporary in design based on the initial sketch illustrations on the VSB website, and this 2014 model seen at the Urban Design Panel confirmed that. The building will be partly cantilevered over the Andy Livingstone Park. The coloured solar shades seem to have been toned down. Construction completion should be only a few weeks away – we’ll see how closely the finished version matches the render. The building now has a new name – the very ho-hum ‘Crosstown school’.

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2 Responses to Crosstown School

  1. Jay B. says:

    I like the layout as well as the location of the school building. The multicoloured exterior will certainly add a touch of liveliness to the area. I am really glad it got the green light.

  2. Jim smith says:

    Chances of people camping, etc under the cantilevered part of the school? Who knows for sure but pretty high, I predict. That won’t be nice or safe for the kids.

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