Fifth – 380 W 5th Avenue

The zoning in the Mount Pleasant Industrial area was ‘tweaked’ in 2013. Now developers can have up to double the site area in office use, provided they build the same as the site area as industrial-type space. (There is a long list of possible uses – but the building can’t be purely office). Here’s a project from Cressey, designed by IBI Group that fits the new zoning and was approved three years ago. It was the first of several other projects, some smaller and so already completed.

fifth-renderAs built it’s close to the earlier render, but somehow less dramatic than the leasing site implied it would be.  DHX Studios will occupy the 75,000-square-foot building. The move will merge the studio’s two locations in Gastown and near Commercial Drive, bringing in all the 2-D and CGI animators and corporate staff into one building – potentially 700 people in total.


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  1. urbanyvr says:

    Nice looking building.

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