Containers – Terminal Avenue

Columbia College

When we first noted this project five years ago it was hard to believe that all the office proposals that were lining up for approval would get built, but that didn’t seem to be slowing the developers down. Below is the model of a two building project on Terminal Avenue.

Rize TerminalBuilt in two phases, the first phase of this project was completed in 2013. It was pre-leased to Columbia College, moving out of Downtown. The whole thing was approved for rezoning back in April 2011 with B&H Bunting Coady designing the buildings. Confusingly, the developers, Rize Alliance, had a website up for several years showing an earlier version of the project designed by a different architect. That was where the ‘Containers’ name came from – that design looked much more like it was a stack of boxes. The version as built really doesn’t have the same reference, but retains the name.


The second phase is now fitting out, but construction is pretty much wrapped up. Pre-leased in its entirety to the Canada Revenue Agency, moving some of their Downtown presence, it was reconfigured a bit for the tenants. The model shows a single storey above the four floor orange façade box, but the building as built has slightly smaller floorplates but an extra floor.

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