105 Keefer Street


Merrick Architecture were hoping that ‘third time lucky’ was true. When it was rejected, they have reworked the proposal again. Here’s the fourth version of  the Chinatown project that we first posted over two years ago. Now reduced from 13 to 12 storeys, and to 110 market and 25 non-market senior’s units. the rezoning is proposed for the corner of Keefer and Columbia, across the street from the Sun Yat Sen garden. The building is sculpted to ensure there isn’t a shadow on the garden.

105 Keefer v3105 Keefer 2The initial design had 137 condos over two floors of retail. The second version (shown below) added rental housing for seniors on the second floor and a complicated broken up façade with 127 condos.

The third version (above) had 119 units, simpler (and slightly less) massing as well as 25 seniors housing units to be made available to a non-profit housing provider. In addition some of the main floor was proposed as a senior’s cultural space – an element that remains in the latest version.

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One Response to 105 Keefer Street

  1. Ron says:

    I think the new version, with 2 wide facades, looks bulkier than the 2nd version.

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