753 Seymour Street

753-seymour-de-modelThree years ago we posted the initial scheme for 753 Seymour Street, a new office tower proposed to replace the Vancouver Centre parkade. It’s located next to the Scotia Tower and across from the Telus office complex. The last version is at the bottom of the post;  these images show the third iteration that represents the UDP supported Development Permit design. We think this means the developers are serious and the project may move ahead soon. The fussier and more complex lower part of the tower has now been replaced with a simpler idea of an angled ‘curtain’ wall being pulled sideways.

753-seymour-deIt’s hard to be certain, but the model makes it look as if the rezoning version (which had a flared ‘skirt’) has been altered so that the façade is angled sideways rather than outwards.

This is a pretty dead stretch of street right now, but with the Telus block being overclad, their new offices on Georgia as well as this project, it should be a whole lot better. It’s a design by experienced city office architects MCM.

There’s an unusual aspect to the proposal: floors 2 to 6 are proposed as above-grade parking, with 398,000 square feet of office above that. The total parking 753 Seymour 2016proposed just about meets the requirements here, with 7 underground floors of parking and 5 above grade. The developers appear to be anticipating those requirements coming down in future, as 65,000 of the above grade parking is designed to potentially convert to additional office space.

The rezoning report said “The exterior of the office building incorporates a complex curtain-wall glazing treatment that involves fritted glass, triple-glazed units and an extended capping system in order to maximize energy performance of the building.”

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2 Responses to 753 Seymour Street

  1. Hazlit says:

    That’s insane. 12 floors of parking? Required? What would the city look like if we forced all parking to be on-street/curbside?

    • ChangingCity says:

      It’s not at all insane if you realize that the existing parkade for the Vancouver Centre (London Drugs and the Scotia Tower) has to be replaced underground, along with some parking for the new tower. What they’re doing is putting the parking for the entire combined site (with over a million square feet of building) onto a little over a third of the site. They can’t dig under the Scotia Tower, so it has to all go here. You can work out what 586 cars all trying to find street parking in that location would be like!

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