The Smithe – 225 Smithe Street

the-smithe-v3-render-2Here’s a new tower to be developed on Smithe at Cambie, that will finally cover up the blank flank wall of the 1980s Law Society Building.

Designed by GBL for Boffo Developments, it will have 22 floors of condos over a 4 storey commercial podium (office and retail) required by the ‘CBD Shoulder’ zoning here.

Re-addressed as 885 Cambie, it’s being marketed as ‘The Smithe’.

225 smitheSales are supposedly starting early in 2017, and a number of design changes from the earlier version (on the right) can be seen.

There were two earlier versions of the tower that proposed 107 units; now there are fewer, only 94, and if sales are successful they’ll all be two or three bedroom units and according to the pre-sales material, at least 1,000 sq ft each.

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2 Responses to The Smithe – 225 Smithe Street

  1. Greg Arden says:

    I went to the open house. They plan to take out the line of trees currently on the west side. The current design of the alley is another cement bunker. I suggested more greenery on the public input form but I doubt it will be considered.

  2. Greg Arden says:

    Approved at the Tuesday January 19th council meeting 9 – 1.

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