Pinnacle on the Park – East 1st Avenue

pinnacle-on-the-parkHere’s the sales render for a twice rezoned South East False Creek 18- storey tower.

Pinnacle and their architects, Bingham Hill, obtained an earlier rezoning several years ago for a slightly smaller building on the last site they own in the area. Now that their building on the adjacent site to the west, The One is completed they’re looking to develop their next project, and sales are already underway.

2-26 E 1stAssuming the Development Permit version of the tower is the same as earlier versions it will have 137 units in the same block that the Opsal tower has been built (although you wouldn’t know from the illustration that there were any other buildings nearby).

Initially it was shown with red details (seen on the model on the right) which would have been similar to a number of the other buildings around this location – the UDP comment that a change would be welcome appears to have been heeded. However, as with all these sales images, never forget the (very) small print: “rendering is artist concept only”.

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