Framework – 231 East Pender Street


For a while there was a flurry of development activity in Chinatown, although there’s very little currently under construction. We last looked at this apartment building a little over two years ago. For almost 25 years the site had been a parking lot, but in 1931 Shell Oil built the Lion’s Gate Super Service Station here, and the remains of the repair bays were at the back of the site. Thomas Chang, the son of early Chinese merchant Chang Toy ran the service station until the 1950s when it became H H Leong’s ‘Henry’s Service Station’.

231 E Pender v2framework render 2014In 2013 the Bingham Hill design appeared for a 60 unit residential building for Porte Developments (who built Ginger on Main Street nearby). There is retail on the main floor, completing the retail continuity where there has been a gap for decades. The Urban Design Panel rejected the initial design as needing a bit more work to reflect the ‘saw-tooth’ nature of the area that the guidelines call for, and the second (supported) design is shown on the model above. The render (right) on the sales website suggested the massing had been retained, but the colour toned down a bit. As built seems closer to the model. We assume the art panel will be installed once all the finishing touches have been completed.

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