1488 Robson Street


The images for this proposal have now shown up on the City of Vancouver website, and no doubt soon it’ll head to the Urban Design Panel. Musson Cattell Mackey have submitted a development application for a pair of towers to replace the Empire Landmark Hotel. The building has 34 hotel floors over a podium and a revolving restaurant and was completed in 1974. (No doubt the era that it was built, and the seismic standards applied today have something to do with the decision to replace rather than convert the Landmark). The London office of PDP, an international architecture firm also based in Hong Kong (like the developer) seem to have worked on the design.

The project isn’t a rezoning; it’s following the new West End Plan, and the Development Permit Board has the project on their agenda for decision before the end of the year. The initial version of the scheme had 28 and 30 storey towers with 57 units on non-market housing, and 223 market units. There will be retail on the ground floor and a second floor of office space. After UDP non-support there’s a revised version which seems to have slightly more units in total, with 300 units in total, with 63 non-market. There are two floors of office over retail.

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One Response to 1488 Robson Street

  1. Tammy says:

    Nice to see it has balcony’s. I’m so tired of new buildings that go up, that have no outdoor space for the home owner/tenant in such a beautiful city.

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