Block 100

Block 100

Another piece in the South East False Creek patchwork of sites is just about completed. It’s another Onni project for a site that has a frontage to both Quebec Street and Main Street (addressed as 1699 Main), two sites south of Onni’s Central and one past Bosa’s Lido.

Onni Burger KingIt had a long design history: it just went to the Urban Design Panel for its fourth review (where it got unanimous support) – not because it’s really bad, but rather because it started life as a proposal by a different developer six years ago. Beedie originally hired Chris Dikeakos Architecture to design it, and started selling it as ‘Q1’ (corner of Quebec and First Ave – geddit?). After the brief property meltdown in 2008 Onni acquired the site, and retained the same architect, but changed the design. As see first in this 2012 model, it has 15 storeys and 231 units with retail in the 10-storey block – although probably not a replacement for the Burger King that was last on the site. There’s a bit more planting to be added along 1st Avenue – otherwise it looks like a very faithful delivery of the promised design.

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