701 West Georgia Street

701 West Georgia render 1

This relatively modest retail box would replace the plaza in front of the north side of the West Georgia frontage of the Pacific Centre Mall. A 1980s addition, a glass dome, would also be redeveloped.

Perkins + Will Architects Canada are the architects for the proposal, which has already been signed off by the Urban Design Panel. The change to the CD-1 zoning which allows the site to be developed occurred a decade ago, when the city was requesting space from the mall’s other plaza and the lower level of the mall to allow a station for the Canada Line.

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8 Responses to 701 West Georgia Street

  1. tedmcgrath10 says:

    Here we go agian. Antoher open space that makes the city centre livable gobbled up by more needless retail. Unbeliveable!

  2. Greg Arden says:

    I hope there will be more landscaping than in the rendering. Cadillac Fairview increases its square footage. What does the wanna be “greenest city” get in return?

  3. beach650 says:

    I’m very puzzled by the current rash of approvals for urban plaza spaces to be filled in by retail (do we really need more retail space?) – this one, Alberni St, Hastings & Seymour… has there been some problem with these spaces? Or do we just not support private/public plaza space downtown anymore? What does the City get in exchange for giving up these people-spaces for private retail?

  4. captratbeard says:

    These are spaces built and paid for by private developers. If we stopped them from ever developing them why would anyone else build public space in the future. It’s the same rational that the city uses by fencing off gravel lots that they own because if they put grass on them and let people sit there, when it came time to build something, no one would let them dig up the grass.

    • bob says:

      These are spaces that are built and paid for by private developers as part of the approval for the whole development (in this case, Pacific Centre mall). It is not a vacant site awaiting future development. The original approval for Pacific Centre mall would have shown this as a public benefit.

  5. DK says:

    it’s a dated atrium , not a public space . How can you call this a green space ?

  6. ST says:

    Looks way better than what is there. There is public space across the street at the VAG

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