1255 West Pender

1255 W Pender 2016This address (also known as 1250 W Hastings) is on its third project design. Initially W T Leung designed a building in 2009, replaced by a new developer and design by IBI/HB, who designed a 14 floor building with 27 units; (it’s a very small infill site).

It sits on a narrow slot lot backing onto the Arthur Erickson designed heritage office building, The Evergreen Building, in Coal Harbour. Now Port Living have submitted a Development Application to build a 19 storey building designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban with Francl Architecture as the local architect of record.

The floor levels are designed to match the Evergreen Building, with continuous terraces on the lower floors to match those on the heritage office building. Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, the Evergreen’s landscape architect is also advising on the new project. The construction is a hybrid system, with the upper levels using a Mass Timber Structure design. There would be just 20 (no doubt very expensive) apartments in the building.

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2 Responses to 1255 West Pender

  1. FYI- The architect is IBI Group and the Janda Group has great experience in shopping centre and retail developments. The builder of this project is GRAHAM construction. http://graham.ca/

    • ChangingCity says:

      Thanks for the update: we were going from the original development permit and hadn’t realised there had been a switch in architects. Fortunately ‘very experienced’ also applies equally to IBI/HB.

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