One Pacific – 68 Smithe Street

One Pacific 1In November 2011, while most attention was on the rezoning of the adjacent casino and hotel complex (due to open in the fall of 2017), City Council approved a rezoning on half of Concord Pacific’s land near BC Place Stadium. The eastern half, now identified as 68 Smithe St, had an initial design approved for a residential complex over commercial space. The detailed IBI/HB design was supported in Septenber 2012 by the Urban Design Panel showing 18-storey buildings with curved facades. Below are two street views of the model.


As built there have been a few changes required by the city’s approval process. The extruded square sections seen on the model have been excluded. The curved façade was made more interesting with curvilinear wave forms making up the balconies; the development permit report called them “sinuous slab extensions”.

One Pacific 2

The building’s colour was changed as well – there’s a greater contrast than the model suggested, with charcoal grey spandrel on the outer edges, and the paler grey used in the inset section facing the Creek.


One Pacific interior

Concord Pacific started sales of the building in 2013, and the details revealed then included this intriguing interior courtyard render. The small lap pool sits on a podium with a curved end projecting beyond the podium wall. The podium also promised to feature palm trees.

Both of those have been included on the finished product.

One Pac pool

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2 Responses to One Pacific – 68 Smithe Street

  1. 10B says:

    Can you explain exactly how many buildings are going into the two empty parking lots next to BC Place. This one looks like they are ready to break ground and my understanding is that its going on the parking lot that is divided by the cambie bridge and the slip road around BC Place. And that 47 nelson is going on the land to the west of cambie bridge. Where is the casino proposed to go? Is it going above the west airlock and walkway around BC Place? There can’t be enough added parkland and amenities in the area to accommodate all of this.

    • ChangingCity says:

      As far as we know, you’re correct about this building. If you look on the Concord Pacific website you’ll see it’s next to the Cambie ramp and north of Pacific. 47 Nelson, if it’s rezoned, will be on the western side of Cambie. The casino wraps the end of BC Place, and up to now it hasn’t had any residential associated with its development, only hotel space. We haven’t got a post for it yet as we expect a new design if there really is a deal made to build it.

      If you Google ’68 Smithe Street’ you’ll see the city report, with a map showing how Terry Fox Way is part of the casino site – the replacement street will line up with Smithe Street. This project has an extraordinarily modest density for this area – only 3.38 FSR (a built area 3.38 times the site area).

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